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Corporate. M&A

  • Corporate restructuring (reorganization). Building corporate structures, holdings, groups of companies.
  • Legal support for emmision of shares.
  • Building partnerships and joint business.
  • Legal examination (Due Diligence) of a potential target for M&A.
  • Representing interests at M&A negotiations.
  • Structuring, support of deals for sale and purchase of corporate rights.
  • Judicial defense of corporate rights.
  • Representing interests in the management of a company. Providing 'corporate secretary' service.

Key contacts:

Oleksandr Lukianenko

Attorney, Partner

Our projects
  • Acquisition of the Megapolis Textiles by investors from United Arab Emirates

  • Accompanying USD 377 million acquisition of 98% stake of UMH Group

  • Legal accompanying of licensees' change of Forbes, Conde Nast and Vogue

  • Accompanying USD 16, 2 million acquisition of a stake in UOV

  • Accompanying USD 125 million acquisition of 99% shares in JSC Odessa Refinery Plant from Lukoil


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