Prosecutor’s fairy tales and the realities of the defense

There is another shout-out around the Ukrainian Football Association. Since 2018, the investigation has been unlawfully persecuting the UFA and its senior officials, launching unfounded parallel cases. There are obvious elements of corruption and signs of a political nature in the actions of the prosecutor`s office. And the media disseminate fake materials that discredit the UFA and the business reputation of its management.

As a result of four years, no verdict has been handed down, and investigations are still underway.

Recently, a new case, called Newport entered the active phase. According to the investigation, the management of the UFA allegedly misappropriated the UEFA funds using the intermediary company – Newport (financial agent).

The essence of the accusation – the agent received the target funds from UEFA, which were transferred in favor of foreign companies for goods, services, which have never been delivered and provided, according to the instructions of the UFA officials.

It is worth mentioning that the model of receiving funds from UEFA through the mentioned agent company has been inherited from the previous management of the Federation, that actually controls Newport since 1993. This is confirmed by a number of official evidence, including research by the well-known German publication Der Spiegel.

In 2015 our Clients became the managers of the Association and put an end to this model.

But this did not prevent the investigation from reporting the suspicions to the General Secretary and the Financial Director of the UFA.

The investigation appealed to the court with a request to apply a preventive measure. The case was considered for a long time. Dozens of hours have gone into court.

The accusations were based on facts that did not reflect reality and had no evidence to back them up. As a result, the court denied the prosecutor`s motion for detention with an alternative of bail of 90 million hryvnias. In the language of football, it is a red card!

Less stringent preventive measures are applied to our Clients. Currently, they continue to exercise their official powers in the Association. Details: 

All cases against the UFA, and the latter is not an exception, are filled with numerous facts of forgeries and obvious violations, indicating prosecutors’ interest and bias.

Only a few are to be mentioned:

  1. The case file contains a forged claim from the director of the agent company.That person is a Cypriot citizen. And the claim is in perfect Ukrainian. That is impossible as the top manager does not speak Ukrainian.
  2. The investigation used the materials published on the Internet as evidence (allegedly revealing the e-mail accounts of UFA officials). Also, the fact that the undercover investigative actions were conducted before obtaining the court’s permission speaks eloquently about the falsification.
  3. The investigation shows documents called “Order on the transfer of funds”. But with the naked eye, it’s a forgery. The documents exist only as copies and are dated on the days when the Client was outside of Ukraine. In addition, there are a number of incompatibilities with the internal records keeping of the UFA. In particular, the incorrect position of the signatory is indicated.
  4. The suspicion itself is forged. Unreliable information – the date of signature – has been included in the text. The document was signed on October 17, 2022, and dated October 18, 2022.
  5. Also, there was a breach in the process of serving suspicion.In particular (1) the Client was not previously summoned to the investigator, but received suspicions at the Ukraine-Poland border as he was on his way to formal meetings with UEFA management, (2) the suspicion was handed over by an unauthorized person (a prosecutor who did not sign it and did not have the authority to do so).

Our work is ongoing. We have already initiated criminal prosecutions for the above violations. All illegal actions will not go unanswered!

If you are interested in the details of the cases related to the Ukrainian Football Association and the realities of defense, keep up with our news.