On June 4, a solemn award ceremony Legal Award 2021, organized by the publishing house “Legal Practice” took place. Denys Bugay recognized as the best lawyer in White-Collar Crime and Anticorruption.

The proceedings carried out by National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine and Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office today account for more than half of our total workload. Accordingly, we can note the high pace of work and professionalism of the representatives of these structures, which form the demand for the services of highly qualified teams of attorneys. Most of the proceedings carried out by National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine are complex in nature and procedural actions take place in several jurisdictions. In addition, such cases are under close public observation.

Denys is widely known for his expertise in anti-corruption reform, understanding the trends of Anticorruption and White-Collar Crime.

It is doubly gratifying that in 2018 the Legal Award already recognized Denys as the best lawyer in criminal law.

In addition, VB PARTNERS has been nominated as one of the leading law firms in White-Collar Crime and business protection.

The Legal Award is an annual award ceremony that identifies the top representatives of the legal market.