On August 6, partner Denys Shkarovsky spoke at the Banking & Compliance A2B Forum, which is annually held by the Ukrainian Advocates Association.

As part of the discussion “Judicial practice in the financial and banking sector” partner Denys Shkarovsky spoke about the key trends in judicial practice on the liquidation of banks – since the “bank crash” of 2014 and still in the following categories of disputes:

  • Appeal against the decision to declare the bank insolvent/liquidation.
  • Recovery of losses by a shareholder from the National Bank of Ukraine for illegal liquidation of the bank.
  • Recovery of losses by the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Individuals from persons related to the bank.

The attorney analyzed the changes that took place over the past year – new laws, the position of the Supreme Court, which directly affect the consideration of these cases, and completely change the approach in such disputes.

In addition, Denys outlined the development trends of these categories of cases for the coming years, taking into account the current realities.

The judges of the Supreme Court and other courts, representatives of the banking sector and other experts in banking also participated in the discussion.