On March 15, VB PARTNERS participated at II Litigation Forum by Ukrainian Advocates’ Association. It is a big event for legal market gathering more than 400 attorneys-at-law, judges and representatives of state authorities aiming to public discussion of current situation and perspectives of justice system of the country.

Our partners talked during practical sessions, shared their experience, discussed consequences of reformation of justice and implementation of new rules for administrative, commercial and civil justice.

Vladimir Vashchenko, attorney-at-law, litigation adept, opened session dedicated to novelties in procedural legislation. Vladimir noted positive aspects of new institution of releasing of digital evidences in his presentation. He also emphasized on simplified work of parties in justice is thanks to the official acknowledgement of digital evidences, regulation of their application and processing. In addition, he raised sensitive issues of work of the electronic court, authenticity of digital evidences, technical characteristics of the devices carrying them, etc.

Please read and discuss the above here.

At the same time, attorney-at-law, Denys Bugay talked on ‘Bankruptcy and disputes connected with insolvency of banks’.

Being an expert and having significant track record in banking sector Denys made an insight on the situation with bank insolvency, especially regarding cancelling decisions on revocation of license and liquidation by National Bank of Ukraine. Over the past years, 98 Ukrainian banks were brought out of the market following such decisions.

He noted that many beneficiaries do not acknowledge the decisions of National Bank of Ukraine. Thus, they concern to resume the work of the bank and its reputation, or apply for the legitimate liquidation. This creates new practice in justice.

Moreover, within the Forum Denys Bugay participated in discussion club among leading attorneys-at-law of Ukraine. During active discussion of challenges and perspectives for the advocacy, Denys encouraged to join its reforming process and to co-finalize the draft law. Following our partner, the mutual efforts with strengthen the role of attorney-at-law within society and justice, as well as will ensure self-government and will guarantee broader access to the profession and influence adoption of laws.