Dispute resolution is not only our specialization, but also a genuine vocation.

Our goal is not to formally obtain a positive decision of the court or the state body, but rather the actual victory for the client, which is the enforcement of such a decision such as collection of debt, cancellation of the decision of the government, cessation of the violation of the right, as well as conclusion of the settlement agreement in commercial disputes.

Several decades of experience have formed a unique expertise on the resolution of economic, administrative and civil disputes regardless of the instance and geography. The company accompanies the disputes both in Ukraine and in foreign jurisdictions.

Our attorneys` extensive experience and knowledge of Ukrainian specificities allow them to regularly act as experts in resolving disputes at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).

VB PARTNERS attorneys-at-law are effective opponents to the State Property Fund in the processes of reprivatization, to the Fiscal Service – in an attempt to collect unreasonable million-dollar taxes, to the National Bank of Ukraine – in challenging decisions against banks and their owners. We also protect the rights of investors, seeking compensation from states in international courts.

Our experts proactively defend the interests of clients for their shares in joint-stock companies, participate in corporate governance and fight for the clients’ rights to land and real estate. We are pursuing dishonest competitors and violators of intellectual property rights.

We resolve complex labor disputes that allow not only to terminate relations with an unconscientious employee, but also to eliminate a fraudulent network within the company.

Dispute resolution is not only the trials.This is also professional work in state bodies and commissions. For instance, such work involves preventing the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine from imposing sanctions against the client, challenging or preventing anti-dumping duties, protecting the client’s interests in consideration of their cases by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine, etc.