VB PARTNERS successfully defended the interests of the head of one of the largest machine-building complexes in Europe.

We have already written about the beginning of this high-profile case, let us recall the key facts.

The company defended its right to property and sold the property at the market value.

Despite the legality, confirmed by the acts of the Ministry of Justice, law enforcement officers filed charges of allegedly illegal alienation of property.

As a measure of restraint, the prosecution demanded a (anti-) record bail for Sumy region in the amount of UAH 20.1 million.

Despite the lack of evidence and the absence of any risks, a measure of restraint was chosen.

On June 23, our lawyers appealed the decision of the court of first instance to the Sumy Court of Appeal.

The court of appeal agreed with the arguments of the defense regarding the absence of any risks and the excessive amount of bail for the Client.

The most lenient measure of restraint was chosen – a personal commitment without any restrictions on movement within the territory of the country.

The project is being implemented under the guidance of attorneys-at-law Denys Bugay and Serhii Boiko.

*Sumy Machine-Building Science and Production Association named after M. Frunze is one of the largest machine-building complexes in Ukraine and Europe for the production of equipment for the oil, gas, nuclear and chemical industries, located in Sumy.