A client of VB PARTNERS – the deputy director of one of the research institutes of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, was detained last week on suspicion of receiving undue benefits.

According to information published by the Security Service of Ukraine, the amount of such benefits was USD 50K. Also, the Security Service of Ukraine reported on the “sale of the post of director of the Academy-controlled enterprise” for $ 1 million.

Although, as it very often happens, much smaller amounts appeared in the criminal proceedings and there was no evidence at all. Prosecutors requested for the Client a preventive measure in the form of detention.

However, the attorneys of VB PARTNERS provided evidence of falsification of the materials of the criminal proceedings and the manifestly unfounded notification of suspicion:

  1. The Client was detained half an hour before the alleged receipt of a bribe.
  2. All proceedings materials are based solely on the interrogation of a witness who collaborates with the Security Service of Ukraine and committed a provocation against other defendants.
  3. Notification for the commission of a crime has been submitted to the Security Service of Ukraine unit, which does not have a reception and public registry. This is an additional evidence of cooperation with the Security Service of Ukraine and falsification of the crime.
  4. For more than 3 months in the criminal proceedings no investigators have been appointed. All investigative actions have been carried out by prosecutors and the Security Service of Ukraine officers.

Because of the reasonable position at the court hearing at the Pechersky District Court of Kyiv, instead of detention a personal commitment has been imposed on the client.

Next is the painstaking work including (1) collecting evidence (2) discrediting the investigation and (3) bringing to liability those who are responsible for the unlawful detention and criminal prosecution of an innocent person.

On the project worked counsel Denys Shkarovsky and attorney-at- law Stanislav Yena.