The score goes up. Just like before, Ukrainian Football Association is ahead. We achieved a positive outcome not only for the Secretary General of the UAF, but also for the Director of the Finance Department.

The prosecutor refused to take the Client into custody with an alternative bail in the amount of UAH 90 million. The measure of restrain in the form of house arrest was applied.

Earlier, that UAF officials were accused in embezzlement of the Association’s funds received through the agent company Newport Management LTD.  The case has been going on for 3 years. However, the prosecution has not received a high-profile sentence.

We have gathered much evidence of the lack of basis of the charges against the representatives of the Association. An examination has been carried out in advance. It confirmed that the funds remained at the disposal of the agent and that the financial reporting of UAF complies with the law.

The effective work of a team of lawyers led by partner Denys Bugay and attorney Sergiy Boyko allowed to discredit the evidence of the investigation.

Materials of the criminal proceedings in which representatives of UAF were given notifications of suspicion have numerous falsifications. Few examples: 

  1. The case has been started upon the fake application of Director of an agent company, that is set forth in Ukrainian language. It’s impossible because the top-manager is the citizen of Cyprus and does not speak Ukrainian.
  2. Investigators issued 4-years-old materials, published on the Internet, as the results of an covert investigative (detective) action – disclosure of information from the Client’s email box. Also, the covert investigative (detective) action was allegedly carried out 2 weeks before obtaining the court’s permission to hold it.
  3. Version of the investigation that Director of Finance Department signed orders to transfer the funds to agent company doesn’t correspond to reality. Documents exist only in copies and are dated back to days, when the Client was outside of Ukraine. Also, there are a number of inconsistencies to the internal documentation of the UAF, in particular, the position of the signatory has been mentioned incorrectly

Now the investigators of the State Bureau of Investigation are dealing with these issues.

Our work continues – we continue to form the evidence base to close the case!

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