The client of VB PARTNERS received ten times less bail amount than the prosecutor requested.

In this case, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau suspects officials of one of the state-owned enterprises of trying to seize funds for the purchase of PCR tests. According to investigation, in 2020 the suspects rejected lucrative offers and attempted to enter into an agreement at a price higher than the market price.

In course of choosing a measure of restraint for a top official, the prosecution has asked the Anti-Corruption Court to set a bail in the amount of UAH 12 million.

However, the court accepted the expert arguments of the VB PARTNERS` team and imposed a bail in the amount of 1,4 mln UAH. That is, the attorneys have succeeded in reducing the amount in almost 10 times!

We have proved that this amount is disproportionate to the client’s financial situation. The court was also presented with strong evidence that the cost of PCR testing services was reasonable and corresponded to the market price. Attorneys proved that the actions of officials in carrying out the procurement fully met the interests of the state-owned enterprise and did not restrict competition in any way.

This completely refuted the prosecution`s position concerning the possibility of causing even potential damages to the enterprise.

The detailed position and expert work of our team convinced the court that the bail amount does not correspond to the circumstances of the criminal proceedings.

The project is managed by VB PARTNERS partner Oleksandr Lukianenko – one of the country’s leading WCC lawyers according to Chambers Europe and Legal 500.

The activity of anti-corruption bodies creates a demand for highly qualified services of attorneys. Even today, in wartime, proceedings of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office are the largest part of the total project workload of VB PARTNERS` attorneys.