In July 2020, the Supreme Court made a final decision in the case concerning the cancellation of the decision of the National Bank to liquidate bank «Premium». The claim was filed in the interests of one of the shareholders. The case was considered for more than 4 years. The Supreme Court considered this case twice.

In 2016, bank «Premium» was liquidated on the basis of violations of the financial monitoring rules.

During the trial, the attorneys of VB PARTNERS proved that the Bank did not violate the legislation on financial monitoring, did not have signs of insolvency, and was not subject to liquidation.

Prior to the adoption of the Law, which established the impossibility of returning the license (the so-called «Anti-Kolomoisky Law»), the courts of two instances obliged the state authorities to return the banking license and other permits to the Client. In fact, this meant the opportunity to resume the Bank’s activities. But in connection with the adoption of this Law, the Supreme Court closed the proceedings regarding the requirements for the return of licenses.

A team of attorneys worked on the project under the leadership of partner Denys Bugay and counsel Denys Shkarovskyi.

Attorneys of VB PARTNERS represent the interests of Clients in two more proceedings on claims of shareholders to cancel the liquidation of banks that are at different stages of consideration.