The findings of the investigation of Ukrainian lawyers are presented.

We have already talked about our project Total Isolation of russia, initiated together with our Client, Oleksandr Dubilet, regarding investigations of facts of cooperation of Western companies with the russian military industry bypassing sanctions.

Let’s remind that despite the EU and US sanctions imposed on the russian federation in 2014 after the occupation of Crimea and part of Donbas, some companies contributed to the provision of weapons to russia.

VB PARTNERS, having a successful experience in Corporate Investigation, has conducted over 10 cross-border investigations, aimed at achieving a military objective in favor of Ukraine and bring violators to justice. Here are some examples.

  1. Line for the production of cartridges in the interests of Kalashnikov

The Belgian company New Lachaussee supplied equipment for the manufacture of ammunition through an intermediary in the interests of the Kalashnikov Concern. Thus, this company has not only violated the sanctions, but has also contributed to the production by russia of high-quality cartridges, the use of which prolongs the life of the weapons by 1.5-2 times.

  1. High-precision compasses for Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV) /sensor modules for military aircraft

The French corporation Safran, which specializes in the production of helicopters and missiles, aviation and defense equipment, has repeatedly supplied products to the russian federation, bypassing EU sanctions. It’s known that high-precision Safran compasses were found on board russian tanks and IFVs. Additionally, in the thermal imagers, manufactured by russia after 2019, were found components that were produced by the company.

  1. Infrared detectors/thermal imagers/thermal imaging modules for IFVs and tanks

Another French company Thales, a leader in electronic technology for aircraft, defense, security and ground transportation, has also supplied products to russia using loopholes in the sanctions legislation. In particular, the modern Thales sights have been found in combat vehicles that the russian army left while fleeing from Bucha.

  1. Microchips for Kalibr cruise missiles

Also, we continue to work on the case of the American Intel Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductor components and devices used by Almaz-Antey Concern. Among the best-known developments of the Concern are the Kalibr cruise missiles in which the fragments of American microchips were found.

  1. Integrated circuits for radio intelligence /processors for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

In addition, we have a similar case in which one of the largest US corporations manufacturing integrated circuits for signal conversion Analog Devices which supplied products for the benefit of the sanctioned Suzirya Concern. The company’s technologies were used in the production of the «Borisoglebsk-2» multi-functional complex, designated for radio intelligence, creating barriers for land and air communications.

Furthermore, processors made by Analog Devices have been found in russian UAVs shot down in our territory.

In all cases, we have established a clear legal fact that sanctions have been violated.

Statements have been sent to the authorized bodies involved in monitoring compliance with the sanctions policy. More details on the investigation of each case will be published shortly.